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Poster: Jim F Date: Apr 24, 2011 4:21am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 11/15/69, Expectations , and more 'out of the closet'

That's a great point, about the large number of bands between around 1965-1975 or so that evolved and changed their sound so often and so rapidly. The evolution of Rock and Roll in those years and the many genres that occurred in such a short period of time is mindboggling. You'd need a 20 book Encyclopedia set, a 500 or so CD set, and maybe a 500 dvd set to cover the history of it all.

But ha, yeah, for some reason, the times I pick to think about and reflect and write about these things is always when I should be doing something else, or like today, when I should have been in bed hours ago. It's always "Some other time," or "remind me to tell you..." I have so much trouble keeping up with the internet, but I always try to make a little time every night to check in on the forum here. I just don't feel as compelled as I used to to post much on forums and get into so many discussions and debates that get regurgitated everywhere, I've never been much of a "$0.02" guy. But when I am, it's always some really long, rambling series of tangents (would that be quantity more than quality, or quality more than quantity?). Like right now...

Anywho I do like to read...especially the more retrospective, review type posts. Not so much into debates over the "best" scarlet>fire from 1981.

What was the topic again? Oh hell, even if I remembered, I don't have time to talk about it anyway, I'll get back to it later haha